8.) Buddy Singh

makes Mr AJF Happy.

Andre is a national award winning photographer in India. Here is a moment when he realized what it takes to be happy.

"So are you happy?” now what type of question is that, I asked myself as I forced myself to lie to Maam hoping she would not see thru me. I am guessing she did, but now I guess it’s the truth so I don’t feel that guilty any more.
Soon after I had got the National Award I was invited to speak to the students at the assembly. The Principal told me I had five minutes. Now like most the students sitting in the hall had expected I had come prepared to tell them to forget about their various courses and just pick up the camera.
When I did walk up to the lectern after the short introduction that was followed by what I like to think was a rather long applause all that was echoing in my head was the question Mrs. Mohan had asked me. “So are you happy ?”
There I was, standing right where it had all begun, the dramatic society’s plays in the same auditorium now nearly a decade ago were some of my first assignments. As I stood there I spoke not one word about the Nation’s highest Honour in Art all I tried to do in those five minutes was to convince the students to discover themselves and then look for happiness over and above all else.
Five minutes passed and I stopped with right on time, the hall did resound with a hearty applause but I felt odd. It was as if I was speaking to myself and tell me to go out and look for happiness and I did.
I remember Abhik telling me one night over the phone as he tried to cheer my up soon after my spinal surgery, “Bastard look at it this way things are so bad right now that the only way left is up!” Things did change, I finally did get a dog, found my way back to the village … finally began to find Happiness !!! "

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